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How to get involved

How to get involved

You are always welcome to join our regular Services and Events in English at Eliaskirken or contact us for more information.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have thoughts, ideas, or would like to join the conversation about Folkekirken for Internationals please get in touch. Your questions and suggestions help us build this community and shape our church activities to reflect the interests and needs of internationals living in Copenhagen. 

Contact us

Portrait of Julia

Julia Petrovic

Project Manager 

+45 28 11 00 66, jup@km.dk

Portrait of William

William Salicath

Pastor at Eliaskirken

+45 29 93 95 33, wns@km.dk 

More information

Folkekirken for Internationals is a collaborative project between seven of the deaneries in the Diocese of Copenhagen. The collaboration is led by a board, consisting of a representative from each deanery ('provsti' in Danish). The board members are:

Jens Andersen (Vor Frue-Vesterbro)

Lisa Dalh Christensen (Amagerbro Provsti)

Ole Steenberg (Nørrebro Provsti)

Ulrich Piltoft (Valby-Vanløse Provsti)

Anne-Marie Grue Søby (Holmens & Østerbro Provsti)

Søren Bruun (clergy representative) 

Tove Beltran (Frederiksberg Provsti) 

Niels Nymann Eriksen (clergy representative)

John Kahlke (Vesterbro Sogn)

Ulla Nielsen (Bispebjerg-Brønshøj)

Chairperson: Jens Andersen

Vice-chairperson: Ulrich Piltoft

Board meetings are also attended by: Ulla Haahr (Head of Communications in the Diocese of Copenhagen), William Salicath (pastor for the English-speaking congregation), Søren Dalsgaard (Folkekirkens Migrantsamarbejde).

You can read more about the background and goals of the project (in Danish) here