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Introducing Babysalmesang
Mothers and babies dancing in a circle


Discover Babysalmesang and meet new people in your local community

Living abroad and particularly during the coronavirus can be a rootless experience at times. A great way to set down new roots, is through activities such as Babysalmesang - in English: baby-hymn-singing - with other parents in your local community.

Babysalmesang is a hugely popular musical activity for babies and new parents in Denmark, with weekly classes hosted by churches throughout Denmark. The classes are led by a church musician or specialised music teacher and provide an opportunity for you and your baby to:

- Enjoy music, movement and rhythm together

- Share a playful and stimulating experience while engaging the senses

- Learn songs and hymns in a beautiful setting

- Meet other local parents and babies

Some churches also offer the chance to socialise over a cup of coffee after class. 

Mother and child attending Babysalmesang at church Holmens Kirke in downtown Copenhagen. Photo: Sille Arendt

Although the classes are usually held in Danish, you do not need to speak or fully understand the language to take part. The teacher will guide you, your singing, movement and actions. Maybe you will pick up some new Danish vocabulary from the class too! You do not need to be a member of the National church in Denmark to take part.

You can read more about Introducing Babysalmesang in your local community.

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