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Folkekirken for Internationals
Church Services
The facade of the Eliaskirken church on Vesterbro

Church Services

We hold a minimum of twice a month Sunday services in English at Eliaskirken, bringing together expats, international students and anyone interested in an inclusive, English-speaking community. 

We also have services in Kirkeskibet 2450 and Kirken i Ørestad. 

You will find our upcoming church services and other events in our calendar

Sunday Service

Twice a month we have regular Sunday services in English, welcoming all denominations from different cultural backgrounds. 

Gospel Service

A regular event at Folkekirken for Internationals is Gospel service in English, as Vesterbro Gospelchoir fills the church with joyous music and amazing energy! Choir director Lars Bak leads band and choir, presenting an eclectic repertoire of both cool, funky and meditative Gospel! Find our upcoming Gospel Services in our calendar.

Jazz Service

One of the hallmarks of Folkekirken for Internationals is Jazz services in English, which are held regularly and are joined by some of Copenhagen's most renowned jazz musicians! Our Jazz Service is also part of the yearly Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Find our upcoming Jazz Services in our calendar.

Pride Service

Once a year Folkekirken for Internationals, in cooperation with Vesterbro parish, holds a Pride service in English in the month of August, in honour of Copenhagen Pride. You will find our Pride Service in our calendar (during Summer).



Vesterbrogade 49
1620 København V


Kirkeskibet 2450 

Topstykket 20

2450 København SV


Kirken i Ørestad 

Robert Jacobsens Vej 72 B

2300 København S