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Wedding Guide - All you need to know
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Wedding Guide 

Here you can find relevant information that is necessary, if you are a foreigner living in Denmark and you and your partner wish to get married in Denmark. If you have additional questions, which this guide has not been able to answer, please do not hesitate to contact us


All you need to know about getting married in Denmark

When getting married, you first and foremost need to contact a priest from your parish, click this link to find out what parish you live in. Book and appointment with one of the priests. 


Following requirements must be met by both individuals entering the marriage

  • You are both minimum 18 years of age. Valid identification is needed e.g. a valid passport.
  • Apply for a Certificate of Martial Status (prøvelsesattest). Read more below
  • At least one of you is or becomes a member of Folkekirken. Read more below
  • You need two witnesses. Read more below


Marital Status Certificate (Prøvelsesattest) 

To prove your single status, you need a socalled Martial Status Certificate, in Danish known as ‘prøvelsesattest’. If you have a Danish residence permit and a CPR-number go to and fill out the form ‘ægteskabserklæring’, in order to get your ‘prøvelsesattest’. You will then receive your  ‘prøvelsesattest' in your e-boks. 

If you do not have a Danish residence permit, you need to apply for the ‘prøvelsesattest' via Familieretshuset.

Remember that you need to submit a valid “prøvelsesattest” to the church before getting married.


One of you needs to be a member of Folkekirken

If you are not already a member of Folkekirken but wish to become a member, you need to speak to your priest, (the priest who will preform the ceremony). To become a member, you need to be baptized, whether you are baptized catholic, protestant, orthodox etc. is irrelevant. If you are already baptized, then bring your baptism certificate. If you are baptized but do not have any documentation thereof, speak to your priest.


You need at least two witnesses

A wedding is a legally binding arrangement. You therefore need to have at least two witnesses attending the wedding ceremony, in order for the marriage to be valid. This could be family or friends however, if you are not able to provide witnesses yourselves, speak to your priest.


Other useful information

A wedding ceremony in Folkekirken is cost-free. If you however wish to celebrate after the ceremony, you most likely need to rent a place for the festivities, since the church does not automatically provide this service. The church might nevertheless have space for rental, ask your priest.

Some churches offer 'Drop In Weddings', where couples literally drop-in and get married on the spot. However, you need to bring all the necessary documents as mentioned above.

Folkekirken weds all couples who wish to marry, regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation and sexual or religious orientation. The priests are nevertheless allowed to refuse wedding a couple, if both or one of you have previously been married, or if you are a couple of the same sex. This rarely happens, yet if it does, you can easily find another priest who will marry you.


Folkekirken For Internationals offers wedding services in English

Eliaskirken on Vesterbros Torv in Copenhagen offers wedding services and more in English. You can contact us or our paster William Salicath if you have any questions.


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