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Calendar - Events in English

On this page you can find information about upcoming church services and events in English, both at Eliaskirken and other churches in Copenhagen. To add your church activities to this list, please contact us

Folkekirken for Internationals events

Based at Eliaskirken on Vesterbro, Folkekirken for Internationals holds regular church services and social events in English, bringing together expats, international students and anyone interested in an inclusive, English-speaking church community. However, we also have events in English on Amager (Kirken i Ørestad) and Sydhavn (Kirkeskibet). All are welcome regardless of denomination or none denominational background. 


Jazz Service

June 11, 13:00

Eliaskirken, Vesterbro


June 17, 10:00

Eliaskirken, Vesterbro

Babysalmesang in English

Jazz Service 

June 25, 13:00

Eliaskirken, Vesterbro

Jazz Service 

July 9, 13:00

Eliaskirken, Vesterbro, Copenhagen Jazz Festival 

Gospel Service 

September 21, 19:30

Eliaskirken, Vesterbro

Gospel Service 

November 16, 19:30

Eliaskirken, Vesterbro

Other churches with events in English

Kirken i Ørestad
The newest addition to Folkekirken for Internationals is Kirken i Ørestad, which is located in Ørestad on Amager a five minutes walk from Vestamager Metro Station. Read more about the activities in Kirken i Ørestad and how to connect with them here.  


Other churches with regular services in English

Upcoming services and events in English at other churches in the Diocese of Copenhagen

Kingos Church on Nørrebro joined by the International Church of Copenhagen (ICC) also offer Church Service in English:


Sunday 5 March, 14:30   
Sunday 16 April, 14:30  
Monday 29 May, 14:30   
Sunday 10 September, 14:30
Sunday 5 November, 14:30
Tuesday 26 December, 14:30


Read more about Kingos Church here, and find Kingos Church here.

Read more about International Church of Copenhagen (ICC) here.


St Alban's Anglican Church     
St Alban's is Denmark's only Anglican church, with Parish Eucharist services every Sunday at 10.30 in Churchillparken. Visit their website for more information. 

Tværkulturelt Center   
For more information about international and English-language church services in Denmark, you can browse the detailed lists published each year by Tværkulturelt Center (Intercultural Christian Centre).