Fortsæt til hovedindholdet
Folkekirken for Internationals
Grief group in English
Mothers and babies dancing in a circle

Are you – or anyone you know of – grieving the loss of a dear one?

It can be particularly hard to grieve the loss of a loved one if you live abroad. But sharing the experience can help.

What is a grief group? 
Pastor Maria Fihl and psychotherapist Margrethe Vadmand invite you to join them on select Wednesdays from 5:30 PM for shared conversations about loss and love. The grief group will be a safe space for you and others to share experiences and maybe even find common ground. 

Who is the group for? 
This grief group is for internationals, English-speaking people who wish to listen and share with an open heart. It is not about whom you have lost – a sibling, parent, child, or friend – a loss of a loved one is hard either way, especially if you live abroad and is far away. There are others who feel like you, and for some reason, it always helps to share. 

Get more information and sign up by sending an e-mail to pastor Maria:

We meet at Eliaskirken, Vesterbrogade 49 1620 København V.


Maria Fihl Priest at Folkekirken for Internationals